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Reinforced Buckling Restrained Brace
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Reinforced Buckling Restrained Brace (RBRB)

01. Rapid manufacture, easy quality control, light and easy installation.
02. During earthquakes the RBRB provides additional stiffness to reduce
       lateral displacement, story drift and torsion of structures.
03. Buckling due to compressive loadings can always be prevented.
       RBRB functions as a non-buckling steel brace during minor
       earthquakes; however, its behavior is the same as that of an energy
       absorber under major earthquakes.
04. Unbounded material and concrete mortar have been excluded from
       this advanced product.
05. Both the welding and bolt connections can be used for connections
       between RBRB and structural members.
06. The material used for the RBRB is steel. This is in keeping with the
       rule of 10.5.5 on fireproofing capability and 10.5.8 on the
       maintenance of the building code in Taiwan.
07. The mechanical behavior of RBRB is independent of temperature.
08. The installation, maintenance, and inspection (DT or NDT) are easy.