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All Direction Damper (ADD)
01. Bi-directional energy-absorbing mechanism.
02. ADD is made up of a low-yielding metallic material. ADD is light weight and it is relatively high ductile.
03. ADD provides additional stiffness to reduce seismic responses of lateral displacement, story drift and torsion of structures during earthquakes.
04. ADD provides maximum energy-dissipation capacity during the peak seismic response of the structure.
05. The periods of structure can be shifted by using the yielding of ADD to prevent the possibility of resonance.
06. ADD can be installed in a structure either with the steel bracings or RC walls. It is not interfere the ambient light and the indoor space.
07. ADD is composed of the pure steel. This is keeping with the rule of 10.5.5 on the fireproofing capability and 10.5.8 on the maintenance of the building code in Taiwan.
08. The mechanical behavior of ADD is independent of temperature.


The installation, maintenance and inspection (DT or NDT) are easy.