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Reinforced Buckling Restrained Brace
Reinforced Added Damping and Stiffness (X-RADAS Damper)
All Direction Damper (ADD)
(Displacement+Velocity Dependent Device)
EPS Damping Wall
Multiple Friction Pendulum System
Trench Friction Pendulum System
Ball Pendulum System (BPS)
Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)
ARB Adaptive Rubber Bearing
Combination (Displacement+Velocity Dependent Device)
01. Enhances the safety of the structure during earthquakes and the comfort of occupants in the structure under wind loads.
02. The combination of displacement-dependent device and velocity-dependent devices overcomes the shortcomings of the individual devices.
03. The most effective earthquake-proof efficiency can be achieved by using a configuration where the displacement-dependent device and velocity-dependent device are placed at lower and higher floors, respectively.
04. The rule of fireproofing capability and maintenance of dampers listed in 10.5.5 and 10.5.8 of the building codes in Taiwan should be confirmed.