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Reinforced Added Damping and Stiffness (X-RADAS Damper)
All Direction Damper (ADD)
(Displacement+Velocity Dependent Device)
EPS Damping Wall
Multiple Friction Pendulum System
Trench Friction Pendulum System
Ball Pendulum System (BPS)
Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)
ARB Adaptive Rubber Bearing
EPS Damping Wall
01. EPS damping wall is an anti-seismic damper for structure.
02. EPS damping wall does not interfere the indoor space of a building.
03. Excellent durability and stability for the material of the EPS damping wall.
04. Good performance in fireproofing.
05. Regular maintenance and inspection could be saved after installation.
06. The lifecycle of the damping wall is the same as a building.After installation,regular replacement for the maierial of EPS damping wall can be prevented.