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Multiple Friction Pendulum System (MFPS)
01. MFPS is suitable not only as a base isolator for the heavy full-scale structures (thousands tons of axial load), but also for equipments in high-tech facilities, hospitals, museum, historical buildings and so on.
02. The isolation period is dependent only on the radius of curvature of the concave surface. The isolation period of 3~5sec is easy to achieve in an MFPS isolated structure, however, it could be extremely difficult to achieve it in a base isolated structure with LRB and HDRB.
03. Due to the contribution of the doubled concave sliding surface, the isolation period of the structure isolated with MFPS is times that of the traditional FPS base isolated structure. The displacement capacity is twice than that of the FPS device.
04. The Teflon-composite with a low friction coefficient, which is coated on the sliding surface of the MFPS base isolator possesses a good durability during thousands cycles of reversal loading. The maximum friction coefficient at high velocity is always less than 0.12.
05. The MFPS has an excellent earthquake-proof efficiency whether it is subjected to near fault earthquakes, strong ground motions at soft soil-deposit sites, or ground motions at basins. (The displacements response of LRB or HDRB may be remarkable in these conditions)
06. The maximum sliding displacement of the MFPS base isolator that is subjected to near fault earthquakes, strong ground motions at soft soil-deposit sites and ground motions at basins can always be controlled within a reasonable range (always less than 0.5m).
07. It is seen from the prototype component test that the MFPS base isolator is stable during 248 cycles of reversal loadings. (over 4 times the value prescribed by the rule of building code).
08. The fireproofing capability of the MFPS base isolator is the same as that of columns, beams, panels and floors of a structure.